Who we are?

Bar Hostess Empowerment & Support Programme (BHESP) is an organization for and by all women working in bars and sex workers in Kenya. BHESP was founded in the year 1998 by a group of these vulnerable women as a ‘loose’ association to advocate

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What we are known for

BHESP’s engages sex workers and bar hostesses in Kenya in HIV/AIDS Prevention, care and support, gender/ human rights awareness and advocacy. BHESP is among the very few CSOs in Kenya bold enough to advocate for the sexual and reproductive health rights for sex 

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Our achievements

Majorly, BHESP activities have been in Nairobi, Machakos and Mombasa counties and in Thika town where the concentration of sex workers is high. To date, BHESP has helped form and strengthen 30 sex workers networks, trained over 30 paralegals and 

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Our Partners

Voices of sex workers

We are ready to embrace new HIV prevention strategies like Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and microbicides because they empower women."

"We were taken to  court and charged with prostitution. But they could not prove it so they let us free."



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34th Thermatic segment meeting of the UNAIDS

34th Thermatic segment meeting of the UNAIDS held at Geneva


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